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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that needs answering? Not sure whether paintless dent removal is right for your car? Read our list of frequently asked questions and find out.

There is damage to the paintwork as well as a dent. Can you help?

Absolutely! We work closely with local SMART repair specialists to provide a wider range of repair solutions than any of our competitors. In most cases, we can come to assess the damage to your vehicle and repair the dent, then a SMART repair can remove any damge to the paintwork. The end result: A much more convenient and affordable alternative to bodyshopping.

Do you need to use my power to carry out the work?

Occasionally we may need to hook up to your power supply, especially in the winter months, but this is only for a very low powered heating appliance, and will not drain huge amounts of your electricity. We do, however, supply our own cable.

How long will it take to remove a 50 pence sized dent from my car.

We strive to make our service as convenient for our customers as possible and to do this, we deliver a fast and efficient service. Every job time varies slightly, but we aim to complete all repair work in under an hour, the majority of which take around 35-40 minutes.

Is PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) a permanent solution to fixing a dent?

Because we manipulate the metal work back to its original condition, PDR is the most permanent solution available. We don’t use any fillers so there is no risk of it cracking and flexing with temperature change and time. Once a dent has been repaired, it has been repaired permanently.

I have dents on multiple cars. Is there a discount available for my situation?

Of course there is. Carrying out multiple jobs on a vehicle saves us time and money so a discounted price can always be discussed to best suit your situation. Get in touch for a quick quote and we’ll do everything we can to provide the most price effective solution.

I’m thinking of selling my car which has a number of small dings. Will PDR add value to the vehicle?

When you are purchasing a vehicle, dents and dings are a massive put-off. Don’t give people a reason to drive down the re-sale value of your vehicle. It’s that simple.

How much will it cost to remove the dent from my car?

No two jobs are ever the same so price is very difficult to calculate without seeing the damage. Our prices start at just ÂŁ50 so get in touch and find out how cheap we really are!

Would you be able to repair a dent on a motorcycle tank or a caravan?

We do carry out repairs on motorcycles providing that we can get access to the right parts of the bike. For example, a fuel tank will need to be fully drained. Unfortunately, caravans use fibre glass instead of metal so we are unable to repair dents on them.

I’ve seen DIY dent removal kits. Can I not just use one of these to repair my car?

Trust us, no. It takes years to train in paintless dent removal and that’s for a very good reason. It requires buckets of skill and experience to carry out decent dent removal.

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